1. Choices
    Still Alive

  2. Split (JST-082)
    Crucial Dudes and Hisdayhascome

  3. Good Riddance to Good Advice
    Kill Lincoln

  4. Doomer
    All Eyes West

  5. High on Drama
    Noise By Numbers

  6. Burden Calls

  7. Split (JST-093)
    All Eyes West/Easy Creatures

  8. Swamp Punk, Volume 1
    Various Artists

  9. Crohnicles

  10. A Million Hours

  11. That's Cool...In a Totally Negative and Destructive Way
    Kill Lincoln

  12. Marching Band
    Plow United

  13. Split (JST-081)
    All Eyes West/Above Them

  14. Efforts & Means

  15. Another Summer Lost
    Tomahawk Chop

  16. You Were There
    Kill Lincoln

  17. Belvedere

  18. Fast Forward Eats the Tape

  19. Local State Inertia
    Horace Pinker

  20. Split (JST-077)
    Crucial Dudes and Shared Arms

  21. Split (JST-085)
    In-sane and Despite Everything

  22. Plans Within Plans

  23. Tightrope Walker

  24. Split (JST-072)
    Aspiga and Hanalei

  25. 2 Sugar Sampler, Volume 3
    Various Artists

  26. Joyride

  27. Where I Belong

  28. All Eyes West
    All Eyes West

  29. Over Leavitt
    Noise By Numbers

  30. 61 Penn
    Crucial Dudes

  31. Conveyor
    One Win Choice

  32. Iron Men in Iron Lungs
    Giving Chase

  33. Heart to Grow

  34. Decade Diary

  35. The Scavenger

  36. Absolutely Not
    Lighten Up

  37. Define/Redefine
    One Win Choice

  38. This Is Yours as Much as It Is Mine
    Jena Berlin

  39. Testimony

  40. Corruption Concealed

  41. Never Suspend Disbelief
    One Win Choice

  42. Career Suicide
    A Wilhelm Scream

  43. Quo Vadimus
    Jena Berlin

  44. A Cheap Print of a Masterpiece
    Giving Chase

  45. Diver
    A Wilhelm Scream

  46. Discography
    The Readymen

  47. Passion Waits As the Program Keeps Going
    Jena Berlin

  48. Answer to No One
    Divide By Zero

  49. Self-Titled
    Stockyard Stoics

  50. Meet the Lads
    No On 15

  51. Rhetoric of Reason
    The Code

  52. Six Degrees of Variation

  53. Wish You Were Her

  54. Afire

  55. Nothing Ever Changes
    Giving Chase

  56. Once.... And Young
    Keystone All-Stars

  57. Twenty Years Tonight
    The Commercials

  58. Built to Rock

  59. Benefits of Thinking Out Loud
    A Wilhelm Scream

  60. Even a Trained Monkey Can Do It
    No On 15

  61. 'Twas Hell Said Former Child

  62. Man's Ruin
    Keystone All-Stars

  63. Don't Take It Away

  64. 2 Sugar Sampler, Volume 1
    Various Artists

  65. Too Far to Turn Back
    The Overdrives

  66. Split (JST-021)
    Straightleggedkick and No On 15

  67. Church of the Double Cross
    The B-3s

  68. Version City Dub Clash
    Version City Rockers

  69. Midnight Radio, Volume 2
    Various Artists

  70. Angles Live in My Town

  71. Panic Button!
    The Suspects

  72. Cure for the Dubless
    Dr. Echo

  73. Battery
    The Antix

  74. ...Or Does It Explode?
    The GLG Twenties

  75. Devil's Bluebeat
    The B-3s

  76. Please Flushes, Don't Hurt 'Em
    Two Thousand Flushes

  77. Midnight Radio, Volume 1
    Various Artists


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